The Center for Transformative Research in Metabolism is unlocking the secrets of hibernation

An interview with Director Dr. Kelly Drew on KTVF
"Most people don't have access to hibernating animals and most people don't see this extreme physiology, that makes you think outside the box, because it's not normal. I mean this little guy, he's completely out of it right?" - Kelly Drew

UAF research into hibernating species yields clinical application

An interview with PI Dr. Robert Coker on KTVF
“There’s a lot to learn from hibernating species. Many animals hibernate, and despite the fact that they might be asleep for a few months to several months, they preserve their lean tissue mass, or more importantly their skeletal muscle, as well as their physical function,” - Robert Coker

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Metabolomics Journal Club meets every Friday from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. by zoom for the purpose of discussing peer-reviewed literature in metabolomics and hibernation research relevant to the theme of the Center for Transformative Research in Metabolism. Please feel free to join these lively discussions by zoom.