Administrative Core (UAF)
Administrative (UAF)

The Administrative Core provides programmatic and fiscal oversight to support TRiM’s research investigators and core staff, coordinates administrative aspects of the Center, and drives community outreach and education efforts.

The Administrative Core has four specific aims:

  • Specific Aim 1
    • Create a supportive, well-mentored environment to train and advise basic and translational scientists to succeed as independent investigators by facilitating effective advising through formal collaboration plans, guided discussion, and feedback for advisors and advisees.
  • Specific Aim 2
    • Establish two new technical cores for imaging and physiological monitoring and for microbiome analysis to support the scientific goals of the Center by leveraging institutional support and growing a user base.
  • Specific Aim 3
    • Promote translational approaches to translate basic science research in mammalian hibernation by bringing together established NIH-funded investigators experienced in hypothesis-driven research and Junior Investigators experienced in hibernation biology, physiology, and metabolism.
  • Specific Aim 4
    • Coordinate program-specific activities and administer the Pilot Project program annually by hiring a Program Coordinator and a Fiscal Technician/Administrative Assistant.

TRiM Affiliated Researchers

Community Advisory Panel (CAP)

Meetings of the CAP are an opportunity for community members to learn about TRiM’s research and hibernation science and for TRiM’s researchers to hear personal stories from public members regarding seniors living with metabolic health conditions and frailty in the Fairbanks community.

Next Meeting To Be Scheduled October 2024

Kelly Drew, PhD


Denise Daniello, MA
Program Coordinator

Denise Daniello

 Dawniel Dupee
TRiM’s Fiscal Technician

 Dawniel Dupee