Animal Instrumentation

Respirometry support:

The HaMR core supports 5 different fully automated respirometry systems in Fairbanks and one in Anchorage. All of the systems are controlled using Dr. Tøien's data acquisition software LabGraph that calculates results in real time. Remote monitoring is possible though network file sharing, with the remote computer running a special monitoring version of the software. All of the systems use Nafion dryers used in reflux mode to dry gases to minimize need for maintenance.

Animal Resource Center, UAF:

Three respirometry systems are available that each have single channel O2 and CO2 analysis (FC-1B/CA2a or FoxBox or Turbofox), modified gas multiplexers that support switching between two animals, and supply of calibration gases (all from Sable Systems International), with continuous massflow measurement from two Arctic ground squirrel or rat sized animals. 

Bear hibernation facility and summer housing, UAF : 

Two respirometry systems are available with dual channel O2 and CO2 analysis (Oxzilla 2 oxygen analyzers, and two CA-10A or CA-2A CO2 analyzers), modified or custom built gas multiplexers that support four flow channels and supply of calibration gases with continuous measurement of flow rate from 4 large animals, (all from Sable Systems International Inc.). An extra FoxBox is also for spot checks of metabolic rate.

Vivarium, UAA 

This 4-channel system used for artic ground squirrels, and smaller animals is similar in construction and equipment to the one in the bear hibernation facility, based on dual channel O2 and CO2 analysis (Oxzilla 2 and two CA-10A), modified 8-channel multiplexers that support four flow channels and supply of calibration gases. This system has extra valves for automated switching between high and low flow rates using different mass flow controllers/flow meters depending on the O2 extraction from the respiratory gas. This allows for accurate unattended measurements to be achieved safely when animals go into and out of a torpid state.

Implantable Telemetry Systems 

Animal Resource Center, UAF

Two DSI Physiotel systems run on Ponemah software (ver 6.5. and 6.32) and has the capacity to simultaneously measure pressure (arterial, left ventricular, ocular, bladder, intra-cranial pressure transmitters), biopotentials (ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG), or core body temperature when paired with the appropriate implanted transmitters and could also be upgraded for blood glucose measurements with the addition of an additional software package. With the latest upgrades, the two systems have a total of 10 MX2 interfaces that allows a total combined capacity of 80 receiver plates. 

Vivarium, UAA

A similar DSI Physiotel systems run on Ponemah software (ver 6.5) and has currently 4 MX2 interfaces that allows a maximum capacity of 32 receiver plates.

Data logging

We use a multitude of implantable temperature loggers including Onset computer Tidbit loggers, iButtons and Star-Oddi loggers. Dr. Tøien has also developed temperature loggers that are MRI conditional at 1.5T and can remain implanted in animals during MRI scans. Loggers also include light loggers and activity loggers used in the field, and PIT tags for spots checks of body temperature.

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